Luke Adams

Artist | Glass

Luke Adams is a glass artist based in Boston, MA who’s work is inspired by a love of color, forms from nature, and a passion for glassblowing.  He began drawing when he was young and his creative interests have taken him around the world pursuing his craft. “From the age of five.

“I new I wanted to be an artist”, says Luke. “Some of my earliest memories are of drawing and sketching the world around me. Working with hot glass is incredibly fun and rewarding. I have always been inspired by the power of fire and excited by the endless possibilities of color.  I consider myself very lucky to be able to do something that I love to do every day.”

Luke is a graduate of the Massachusetts College of Art. He built his original glass blowing studio in 2006 just outside of Boston.

Luke creates glass starfish, fish, crosses, hearts, sun catchers, ornaments, witch balls, and small vases using 2,200 F ovens. The Luke Adams Glass Blowing School began teaching classes in 2010 and now hosts 150 students per week and works with a very talented group of assistants, teachers, and artists who all play a vital part of his success. 

Luke Adams